Saturday, March 25, 2006

Day 10 Pt. I

Cash Games: -
I didn't play any cash games today.

Tournaments: +$1,907.50
I played a bunch of sit n go's today.

-$520 HU: +$480.00
-$105 HU: +$95.00
-$210 HU: +$190.00
-$225 TURBO: +$342.00
-$215 SNG: +$685.00
-$5.50 HU Battleship: -$5.50
-$55 90-Man: -$55.00
-$105 HU: +$95.00
-$109 SNG: -$109.00
-$210 HU: +$190.00

I played a live/online battleship match against the PokerStars legend 'TheArkayne1' aka 'MattyMilla' and got pwned in PLHE.

  • Today I just had my mouse and no mouse, so I had to use my touchpad. This limited me from playing more than 2-3 tables at a time. I think when I am playing in tournaments and SNGs I need to limit the amount of tables I am playing at one time. Cash games are different. I think I could 16 table 2/4NL and just nutpeddle and still have good results.

Overall: +$1,907.50
I Need: $79,370.50
Total Earnings: $20,629.50

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