Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 12 Pt. I

Cash Games: +$187.75
What a stalemate session. I played like 1200 hands and was up $187.75 at the end. I played about 6 tables of 5/10NL. I wasn't getting much action on my big hands and I ran into two sets for significant pots. I misplayed a few hands that were costly, and most of the pots I won were when I made a play, or just small mediocre pots. I am glad I ended up in the green, but I think I could have played better. Also, not getting much hands/not getting action/not getting momentum sucks.

Tournaments: -$430.50
I am currently in two $109 tourneys and I just cashed in one so we'll see how it goes. I will update part II soon as I'm done with these two tourneys. Edit: Played a $320 SNG. Nuff Said. I am still in a 109NL MTT, I will update as soon as I get out.

Hand Histories:

  • I was reading this article by Nat Arem that made me realize I should look more at how I am playing, and what kind of decisions I am making instead of worrying about how much I'm up or down after a session.
Overall: -$242.75
I Need: $79,964.25

Total Earnings: $20,035.75


PotSmoker said...
Just wondering why you played your set of queens that way, seems weak with too many scare cards to come. Only 2 hands beat you. Why not b3b?

And the hand where your folded QQ preflop for a hundred more, why not play for set value there? And why were you sure you were beat?

Don't like the call-down with the pair of nines at all.

Lee Gaines said...

Thanks for the comment.

Most of the hands I put up on my blog are mistakes by me. I played the QQQ hand terribly, I think a 3-bet on the flop is the best play.

I folded QQ there based on the player. I put him on KK or AA because he was super-tight.

The call-down with 99 is the calling station in me I am still trying to get rid of.