Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 14 Pt. I

Cash Games: +$4,884.25
Just played 5/10NL. Long session, ran pretty good, took some beats, recovered, grinded. The usual. I got a lot of hand histories saved.

Tournaments: -$2,037.00
Wow, what a shitty day in tournaments. This is honestly the worst day in tournaments I have ever played. I blame myself for misplaying hands but I took some horrendous beats today. Here is what I played and the results:

$215 SNG: -$215.00
$215 SNG: -$215.00
$225 TRBO: -$225.00
$55 REBUY: -$155.00
$225 TRBO:- -$225.00
$520 HU: -$520.00
$320 NLHE: -$320.00
$162 NLHE: -$162.00

Hand Histories:

  • I shouldn't play cash games while I am playing tournaments. I should just focus on one or the other.

Overall: +$2,847.25
I Need: $73,890.55
Total Earnings: $26,109.45


Michael said...

I agree with your thoughts on playing cash and tourneys...

you just can't do it.

What i WOULD recommend, is playing cash games (maybe even stepping down a limit) while youre in a MTT because you should mainly be playing tight while you build a stack in that, especially if its a large field.

That way, you can grind out some cash and feel more confident about your progress and less antsy about getting cards.

Michael said...
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Michael said...


No flush draw and he called off a full stack?

Would you mind explaining this hand?

Lee Gaines said...

michael... thanks for all your comments, keep it up

Alan Humphrey said...

Where are you playing? In the library?