Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Day 6 Pt. II

Cash Games: +$2,255.25
Standard 5/10NL game on Stars. I played good and got good cards. I am running good ever since I have made this blog. For people who think I always have winning sessions... I am just running really good right now and its usually not this good for me. Although, I haven't got stacked yet (except for twice where I lost to 2 outters after the money got in).

I also noticed some friends of mine playing in a $.50/$1 NL table so I decided to join. 'Theczar19" straight up pwned me in a $320 pot, when I shoved with 44 and his AKo stomped it. I decided the fun was over and I decided to leave before I got outta control :)

My favorite hand showing its potential

Tournaments: +1,420.00
I played a two MTTs ($22 rebuy and $162) and lost in both. The rest of my tournaments were a $215 SnG and a $1000 HU match against The Camel. In the $162, my QQ lost to 66 all in preflop, but the $50 last-longer bet against apestyles help healed my wound because I outlasted him :)

  • I'm going to try to play more of the regular 9-person SnG's. I have not had good consistent results in the turbo ones, but I think I can do good in the regular ones. Plus, it might help my tournament game.
Hand Histories:

Overall: +$3,675.25
I Need: $72,960.7
Total Earnings: $27,039.30

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