Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Day 7 Pt. II

Session 1:

Cash Games: -$695.15
Apperantly JJ > AA.

: -$1114.00
I played a $530 SNG and a $320 SNG and got 4th and 5th in both and went out as a favorite in both. After that I went on tilt and dumped 18k chips in my $55 rebuy because I didn't care anymore. Also lost in a 109. I suck.

  • I suck. Worst. Day. Ever.
Overall: -$1,809.50
I Need: $78,625.00
Total Earnings: $21,675.00

1 comment:

lyttlemoney said...

Keep it up Lee! Your running good right now man! Your about 3 times ahead of schedule. I have a small challenge going for myself as well. Check out my blog... I'm pullin for ya!