Monday, April 03, 2006

Day 19 Pt. II

Tournaments: -$979.00
Another great tournament night for me! As you can see by my results I suck at tournaments.

$109 REBUY: -$509.00
$22 REBUY: -$102.00
$162 NLHE: -$162.00
$11 PRIVATE: -$11.00
$11 REBUY: -$31.00
$55 PLHE: -$55.oo
$109 NLHE: -$109.00

Overall: -$979.00
I Need: $58,814.15
Total Earnings: $41,185.85


Padam said...

I think you should keep a running count on how much you are down in Tourney's and how much you are up in cash games.

Padam said...

Why am I posting as Padam? This is Oth!!!!!

Othimua said...

Oh man.... I have multiple MS accounts. Weird.......