Friday, April 07, 2006

Day 23 Pt. II

Cash Games: -$3,398.56
This could be the beginning of my downfall. I played 7 tables of 5/10NL and one 10/20NL table and I ran bad. I wasn't getting dealt anything, and when I did, it backfired. I made one bad call in 10/20, then took some beats and I think I had like 3 "set up hands". I think my best move is to slowdown for a little and stay away from 10/20.

Tournaments: -$339.00
I played a $225 and a $114 turbo SNG. Why? I have no idea.

Hand Histories:

Overall: -$3,737.56
I Need: $57,337.13
Total Earnings: $42,662.87

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