Sunday, April 23, 2006

Day 39

Cash Games: +$517.47
Stars and Party 5/10NL. I really like the 10-handed 5/10nl game on party. I got in a hand right before I quit at party with about $1500 and my opponent had me covered. I am in MP with 99, I make it $35, he calls from the CO and everyone folds. The pot is at $85, flop comes 785 rainbow. I bet out $60 and he calls. Pot is at $205, turn is a 6 putting two diamonds out there . I check, hoping he thinks I have AK and am giving up. He bets out $65 into a $205 pot, which is weird. I bump it up to $250 and he insta-jams all in. Well, I have two nines, so he probably doesn't have the straight. This looks like a set to me, or the T9 for the abso-nuts. Its $915 more for me to call... and I do. River is a red queen and he shows T9. I am relatively new to party, and I don't have any reads on any of these players. Looking back at the hand, I think I could have folded it, because this is the only hand that he plays this way.

Tournaments: -$518.00
I played the $109 rebuy on stars, and a $109 on party. I was out in about 9 hands in the $109 on party: I got dealt J7hh in the BB into a 5-way limped pot... I checked. Flop is 89T rainbow. I check-raised and I ended up all in on the flop against two other people (AA UTG and QJo in MP), no J on turn or river... GG me. In the 109 rebuy on stars, I quit before the 1st hour was over after missing two OESD/flush draws and losing races, I couldn't get anything started and there are way too many good tourney players in that tournament to make it +EV for me to play. I will probably stay away from that tournament right now.

Overall: -$.53 (lol)
I Need: $34,070.34
Total Earnings: $65,929.66

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Narcis said...

Hello..nice to meet u!
Do u have any rakeback deal on UB at least?
Thank u!