Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some Pics From Washington Trip

Right now I am in Pullman, WA hanging out with beck_aa, marinersheep and Othimua. Tomorrow morning we are leaving to Pendelton, Oregon to play some live events at an Indian casino. The main event is expected to have a first place prize of about $80k! I will keep this blog updated on how that goes... Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

A pic I took on the plane that came out nicely somewhere over Washington

'Othimua' (Pat) and 'beck_AA' (Adam) doin their thing.

Beck and Oth playing heads up, Bill Ivey dealing.

They don't call him beck_AA for nothing.

Oth with 88, check-calling beck's all in on the river with quads, while beck has the nut flush. nh

Marinersheep sporting the classic PokerStars.com gear.

Serious heads-up action between Beck and Marinersheep


Jordan said...

Good Luck in wasthigton. Let me know your thoughts on comfortable ammounts to sit with at the Casion for 1/2 and 5/10. I'm thinking about 200 for 1/2 and 1000 for 5/10

Jeremy Hall said...

I check your blog daily and it has sparked me to start playing online again and do like you are doing on a smaller scale of course. Good luck to you in Washington and with your quest.

ngl said...

Man, it's just hilarious - I'm reading your blog like you are an oracle of wisdom (and don't get me wrong - you are!)

But I see these pictures, and you guys are just kids! The one of you guys playing for money on that crappy little table with 42 computers in the background is just awesome.

It strikes me funny everytime I realize I'm a 31 yr old business owner looking to kids for poker advice :)

Don't take this as any disrespect - you'd flat out kill me in a poker game. It's just so funny to see these pictures after I'd been reading your blog, and realize that I look up to 20 yr olds.