Monday, May 01, 2006

Day 47

Cash Games: -$3,558.05
Today I played so terrible, I am ashamed to write this blog. I am picking up bad habits of raising mediocre hands preflop, then trying to make a play on the flop/turn/river. I am calling raises with shitty hands and getting punished for it. I was playing like I was better than everyone else and I could outplay everyone which is so stupid. I might take a break for a day or so and re-evaluate my play, get things off my mind and approach my next session way differently. Getting busted out of tournaments while 7 tabling cash games doesn't help either. I made some dumb plays because I was on tilt, like calling someones all in for $300 with J9s. I am so mad at myself for the way I played today........ dslkfajsdlkfasdghfalkhsdlfkha;lkj

Tournaments: -$919.00
I played the $100+9 rebuy and the $20+2 rebuy and were out before the first break. Its just ridiculous how bad these things can go. I don't see how good MTT players can consitantly win. I also played the $150+12 (what a joke), and a $50+5 and a $10+1 private tourney.

Hand Histories:
too ugly...

  • I was wondering why I raise low suited connectors, baby pairs and AJo UTG? I was also wondering why I get frustrated when I don't flop sets for a while. Why did I call $300 all in preflop with J9sp? Umm, why do I get mad when someone check-miniraises me? I hate shortstacks. I hate the way I played today. Maybe I need a break.

Overall: -$4,477.08
I Need: $32,406.78
Total Earnings: $67,593.22


D_Zoo said...

I had the same things u just described happen to me and the best thing I did was take a break either not playing or playing minimal hands while doing more of the other things u enjoy in life. I felt the exact same way u just described, better then everyone and pissed when they check raised me and calling with dumb hands (like vs u with bottom set that time when obv i had u on a set). Anyways ur blog inspired me to create one so check it out if u get time

GL sir, you'll bounce back

Winston said...

It does sound like you need a break. Sheesh, you are only what, 18? Go out and spoil yourself a bit and come back in a few days fresh, then do a 35k in 50 days challenge ;)
Cool blog. Best of luck.