Monday, May 22, 2006

Going Back Home

Tomorrow I am leaving New York to go back home to Cottonwood. I haven't been home in about a month, and I am looking forward to getting back to grinding and playing long sessions. I'll be posting every day again, until I reach my goal. After that I have a few things lined up for the blog. I am going to have a tournament challenge with my friend to see who can get the most TLB points on pokerstars in the month of June, so I will be blogging that. I also have some goals in mind as far as cash games go, so we'll see.

Since I am obviously not too good at blogging live events, here are some links to better blogs that convered what went on: Conquest of Paradise Island - Nat Arem's Blog

I have learned a lot during my trips, and met a lot of people, but its going to be nice to go back home and get back to what I am used to.


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