Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 2: Aug 23rd

Today started off terrible. I was playing 10/20 and one table of 25/50 and I lost about $9k in an hour. I got stacked at 25/50 on this hand. I thought I played it pretty bad, because he is a straight forward player and he has AA or KK like 90% of the time here, and I am pretty sure he is calling anything on the river. I think I should have just folded preflop. Then I was playing shorthanded 10/20 with Nazgul and Preposterous and lost two buyins there, semitiltg and spewing chips. After that small massacre I went out with some friends and played a free poker tournament on campus which was funny. I came back and started up another session, playing 5/10 and 10/20. I had quite a battle with preposterous heads up. I was running pretty hot and playing good and I took him for a lot. Also played 5/10 very loose-aggressive and built some nice stacks. I was playing great tonight and it feels good to come back from earlier in the day and end up in the green zone.

Today: +$6,720.56
Total: $13,382.81
I Need: $186,617.19


The Original Dainster said...

Glad to see that playing with us donkeys at the free tourny can help you turn your game around.

Patrick Mitchell said...

Glad to see you starting up again. Good luck in your new goal.

Jordan Lewis said...

Dont play 25 50 thats a hard game to beat if u PWN at the 5 10 and 10 20 than stay there
Gl and hope ur enjoying the new crib. u said u dont feel comfortable so dont play