Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 12: Sept 2nd

Today I played 5/10 shorthanded on stars. I started off pretty good, I didn't play too much today, I probably got 1,000 hands in. Just a pretty nice day for a small session. It feels good to have three green days in a row, hopefully I will keep this up at a better rate.

Today: +$2,466.00
Total: $30,080.61
I Need: $230,080.61

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Grandiose said...

Hey Bill. How u doin down at the lil guy limits? Oh i see you're winning. Makes sense. Why don't u come up and play with the big boys again and see what happens. Whenever u like I challenge you to 4 25/50's heads up on stars.

- FYI Folks: Bill sat in at 25 50 against me heads up a couple nights ago. I folded my little blind and then he sat out. He said "thanks for the 25" and proceeded to sit out and leave. BIG BALLIN' BILL. Way to go.