Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Goal is Off :(

Dear Readers,

I am sorry to tell you that I am giving up on my goal once again. I feel really bad about quitting, but I was just looking at the numbers and I knew I couldn't do it playing the lower limits I am playing now. It isn't even realisitic at this point. I sincerely apologize for the readers, but sometimes when you make a goal like this, it can really mess up your game. I am definately on the worst run of my short "career", and the goal was in the back of my mind the whole time I was playing, I was worrying too much about the money, rather than making good decisions. I also screwed up in game selection, big time. I shouldn't have been playing Rekrul and Elky heads up, and I shouldn't have played 25/50 with good players at the table. I cannot blame my downswing just on bad luck, I made some very bad decisions. So in case you are still interested, I am currently playing 3/6 on stars and 5/10 on party, and I am going to work up my funds that I have online instead of redepositting so I can play 10/20. The goal is definately off, and it will be my last goal thing on this blog.

To Rekruler, Grandiose, and everyone else that has been giving me heat this last month... I don't understand what your problem is. I have never even spoke to you guys before, I never said anything and you come at me like that. If you think I am just some cocky kid that is showing off my results, you are an idiot. I made this blog to keep me motivated to make a goal, simply that. I have no problem showing the world how much I am down lately, can't you see that? I show the bad as much as the good-- It's real. I think its disrepectful for you guys to make comments like you did. I wish I could have completed this goal so I could have laughed in your faces...

So as for now, I am just gonna be chillin and grinding these lower limits like I used to. Check back for updates!



daGrindingReaper said...

Glad u got rid of that ugly goal. cannot grasp variance until it kicks u in the balls.
Just keep on blogging, it will be interesting to see u fight back.
U've got all the time in the world. In a couple of years, or sooner, u'll be playing the 25/50 and higher.
A lot of readers want to witnnes that road.
Advise: never put u'r roll in danger. (but u already seem to know that)


traction said...

no worries man. hope you're able to build back up. don't sweat the posers.

Mario Contenelli said...

I was hoping you could complete this goal...But hey your still youngh, maybe someday

PoorUser said...

pull a pooruser rebuild - aint no thang
and grandiose is a fag and i will make him broke myself

Taylor Douglas said...

ya who cares about the goal...thing is me and stowe want you out of 3/6 nl b/c you too good and funnel away some of the money...also you and your boys need to come to athens for a long weekend so we can all chill and drink and play a sick home game...peace for now and gl


Taylor Douglas said...

me and stowe want you out of 3/6 nl b/c u too good and funnel away some of the money...naw man just do what you do you can make super bank at 3/6 (as elky did for like 3 months btw)...and ya grandiose is a crazy kid with a big mouth...also you and your boys need to come to athens for a long weekend so we can all drink and chill and play a sick home game (im being for real) peace for now and gl


Rik Murphy said...

Hey mate how are you?

I am doing a fun thing similar to your original goal. I am a fairly amateur player and I play only low limits.

However I enjoyed reading your blog so much I started up something similar (but on a smaller scale) My goal is to make $1000 in 100 days playing on the 10c/25c tables at Party. You may laugh but for a fish like me this is proving to be quite tough!

my blog is, I wanted to add a link to your page on it so people will see where I got the idea from,

So do you know how to do that, do I have your permission too and do you want to add a link to mine?

my email is so drop me a line, later dude.


woutoR said...

:( bad to see this happen, also that you are giving attention to the "haters" ...

Will Palango said...

im sure you'll recover this month

Grandiose said...

holy christ. it took this genius a 40k loss to realize he was making "bad decision." Thank god this awful display of foolishness has ended. Poor User - you are a monster donkey. One of those dudes that gets a lil cash and thinks they are barry greenstein. Maybe it's not a good idea to play 25/50 with 60k Poor User. The only way you could break me is if i was on LSD or some shit. Unlike you, I protect my stack son. Learn from a seasoned vet. I'm sure i won't see you around too long anyway. You and your kind are like frikin fruit flies. Annoying, small, buzzing fuckers in your ear with a short ass lifespan. Go take up another hobby, it will save you a lot of money. Buy some bonds or something. five to six percent return aint that bad kid. One big heehaww to all the haters and blogging dickmongers.

PoorUser said...

im going to blog you back to the stoneage.

Grandiose said...

hey poor user. i'm gonna miss u up at the big boy stakes. U too Bill. See you guys in a couple months when u decide, once again, that you are awesome poker players and that you can hang with the big boys.