Saturday, January 06, 2007

PCA 2007

What's up readers,
Today was day 1B of the 2007 PCA and I just got done playing about 8 hours of live poker. I came into day 1 with one general goal; to make it to day 2. I sat down at my table and recognized a couple people right off the bat. JERRRY and FourKing (from pokerstars) were at my table, along with some other solid players that I haven't seen before. Before the tournament I asked some players who played day 1A for advice. Basically, they said that its more of an endurance test, than poker, and I would agree. I am pretty much exhausted after playing all day today, most of the energy I spent was on my temptation to play hands that I wasn't 'supposed to', and folding a LOT. After about 3 hours of play, Barry Greenstein shows up with some chips. I was pleased because I wanted to get a chance to play with a TV pro just for the experience, but he had position on me. I didn't get involved in any pots with him because at that point I didn't have enough chips to mess around with. Mr. Greenstein was quiet at the table, raising everytime it was opened to him (a rare occasion), and I could tell he was pretty card-dead. He had a good image at the table, and I respect the guy a lot.

I had my stack up from $20k - to a peak of about $42k - then down to $12k and I finally ended the day at $19k. It was a bumpy ride, but I made it through the day to play tomorrow. The blinds will be 500/1000 with an ante tomorrow, so I still have 19BB's and I can work with that, even though I feel like a shortstack.

In case you are unfamiliar with the PCA, here are some great links for live coverage and photos of a lot of online players:

That's all for now! Thanks for reading, and check back for more updates.

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