Tuesday, March 06, 2007

2nd Place at Turning Stone

Hey Guys,

I just got back to Arizona from the Turning Stone trip. A beautiful night in Tucson, 70 degrees with clear skies... Such a nice change from the few days of snow and freezing temperatures in Verona, NY. This trip turned out to be amazing. I got to hang out with all the online players who I've become friends with from other live events, and I finished second place in the main event!

It was a $1,000 buy-in and 2nd place paid about $32,000, which makes this my biggest tourney score ever. I have played the $1k event at Turning Stone twice, and final tabled it both times- So I'll guess I'll be back in May, or whenever they have another $1k tourney. There were a lot of hands and thoughts I had during this tournament that I wanted to share, but I can't remember them all right now, but here are two I can recall:

1. Three tables left. I have about $55k, at the 400/800/100 level. Seat 1 (sb) is a young asian player, whos cell phone went off at least 7 times in the hour (ringtone was make it rain by fat joe, and it was loud). He was a nice guy, who seemed like a loose-passive gambler-type. BB is Adam Junglen, who I know from online and is very aggressive, and is capable of 4-betting and playing large pots without huge hands, but still knows to when to fold. I have been playing semi-tight agressive and rarely showing down hands. I open the pot for $2400 with 63hh in LP, SB calls, and I glance at Junglen and he kind of smirks. I am thinking, if I were him, I would squeeze here, because: A) he knows I open here with almost anything and B) he knows the SB has been playing passive, and made a very weak play by just calling. He looks at his cards and does his chip routine of counting, shuffling and stacking chips and raises to $10k. I put him on a squeeze and waited about 15 seconds then shoved for about $45k more, which is a great amount because he can't really call without a good hand. The SB folds (TT- he later said), and Junglen thinks, then folds, and I pick up about $15k to add to my stack.

2. This was at the final table with 6 people left... Blinds 3000/6000, I get AA under the gun, and make it $17k. One fold, and then a shortstack shoves for about $50k, and I get really excited, but try not to show anything since its a live tourney. THEN it folds to the BB who says "Let's make it $100,000". At that point, I am just thinking... Hold one time! He has about $150-$175k behind, so I decided to just put him all in right there. He ends up making a good laydown, and shows QQ face up. The other guy had QJo, and I took the whole thing down.

I missed a lot of small hands, and bluffs that I think is what really got me deep in this tourney.

I was very dissapointed in myself in the first two events because I was out within the two hours in both of them! I hated starting with only 3,000 chips, and I bluffed off most of my stack both tournaments. Before the $1k event I just told myself not to do anything stupid like bluff off 3/4 of your stack on the first level because you "sensed weakness". I didn't do this in the main event and the affect were great.

Overall the trip was definately worthwhile... I got to meet some cool new people, see my poker buddies... I left with a smile on my face.


Bhanks11 said...

Lee----u played great---table control and pot aggression was well timed and coordinated.....I didn't get to see you play heads-up against Dave, wish I could have been there before it started to give you some details about how Dave plays (cash game experience).......Jesus, we were at dinner for an hour and 5 were still left......Enjoy the Zona weather, I'll stay warm in the igloo here in WNY......Oh, and thanks for the phillys with trees.

pappagallo1 said...

Lee..I sat on the left of you at the first table of the 1k event where that stupid light was soooo bright and shinning on everyone lol. After when i got home I saw on cardplayer that you took 2nd, thats pretty sick..Anyway from what I saw u played pretty solid at the table and deserved that cash. Ill be there for the 5th east coast poker championships in May. Peace!