Sunday, April 01, 2007

Live from Vancouver

It's been a while, but the blogging hiatus is back off, again.

I have been very busy the last week or so... I flew out of Tucson to pick up a car I bought in Seattle, then drove up to Vancouver where I am staying temporarily.

Vancouver holds about 6 casinos, which means there is a lot of live poker action. I have been playing live the past couple of nights at River Rock and Cascades...

River Rock casino is the biggest poker room in Canada. They had a lot of tables, and I decided to start off at 2/5NL. I flopped a set early to double up, then bled some money to some old guy who I didn't put on a hand. I decided to leave 2/5 and play the newly-forming 5/10NL table. This game was not that good, there was a decent lag who was just getting hi over the head with the deck and winning most of the pots. The rest of the table consisted of nits, a couple good aggressive players, and two passive bleeders. I played one big hand... T6sp in the SB with a straddle. Two callers and I complete, bb calls, and straddler checks. Flop is Q23 two spades and I lead for about the pot. I get one call from a straight-forward, weak player. The turn is a Kh, and I check. He bets $150, and I shove for about $600. He calls and I win. The game was playing very slow, and I didn't like the vibe, so I left after about an hour.

At Cascades in Langley they had the best poker game I have ever played in. It was 10/20NL with a bunch of friendly, drunk ATM machines. I sat with $1,000 which was kind of bad because there were some huge stacks, and each hand had a straddle with other blind preflop actions. It played more like 25/50nl. I didn't have much cash on me, and was bored, so I decided to buy in, try to pick up a hand, and take it from there. Right when I sit down, everyone's hollering and calling me Phil Ivey... Then someone said "no, he's Phil's little brother, Steve Ivey". If they only knew my 'stars name, lol...

So I sit with $1,000 and fold about 10 hands, then pick of ladies (QQ) and raise to $120, which was pretty standard because there was a straddle, I mean, there was a stroodle. They call it a stroodle. Two callers, then the maniacal SB makes it $400. I have about $550 left and decide to just get it in... He calls with 88, ship it. I bluffed a couple smallish pots, won a $2500 pot with JJ, where I flopped a set in a 3-way pot. I was running good, having fun, and winning key pots... It was a good session. Here were some things I observed during the game:

1. Some guy wins a $2000 pot with 7 high.
2. Apparently shoving $500 in preflop with K6h is standard, because another person almost beat him into the pot with KJo (for $500 at 10/20nl).
3. 5-way pot... $320 each preflop. Here are the hands: QQ, 84hh, J4cc, ATo, AQo. The flop is J92 two hearts, and ATo open shoves $2300. J4cc calls (has $2300 covered). 84hh Calls (has about $750). QQ calls for $1500. yeah...... Then you have to show your cards when you are all in, so the guy slams down ATo and says "all I need is an ace!".

I am definitely coming back to this game.


Fuel55 said...

Lee - if you want to come to our Friday night home games ($40 for fun) gimme a shout. Lots of cash games around too. Fuel55 at veltheer dot com.

Vancouver rules doesnt it!

Brian said...

Hey Lee,
I'm new to Tucson, and just found your blog. You ever play live here in tucson? The 8-16 at desert diamond is a dream come true. Peace.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Glad to see you've come back to blogging Lee. I used to enjoy the old blog.

Good luck at the tables.