Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

I just got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning. My whole mouth is pretty soar and my cheeks are swollen. Yesterday seemed like a haze... I was prescribed some pain pills, and I just took those throughout the day/night and watched about 4 seasons of Seinfeld and the movie Friday, while laying in bed.... Ahh, so relaxing.

I was told the pain should stick around for a couple more days, so I probably won't be playing too much. Right now, as I am posting this, I am playing three tables of 5/10NL and seem to be doing fine.

Also, I am debating whether or not to go to Turning Stone for the Heartland Poker Tour. Last time I went to TS I had a great time and got 2nd place in the $1k event. I'd really like to go again, but its so far away, and I don't like flying. I'll just wait till the last minute to decide, as usual.

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