Friday, March 31, 2006

Day 16 Pt. I

Cash Games: +$1,479.29
I got stacked like 49857498574x today. I won one big pot with set over set and thats the only reason im up. I think I played at best a 7/10 today. I also got set up a couple hands that I probably couldn't get away from.

Tournaments: -$1,194.00
I don't know what the hell is going on here. I am running horrible in tournaments. I'm kinda steaming right now because I played SamENole Hu for $520 and got TT all in preflop against AK on the second hand. Flop 8 high rainbow. Turn A, gg me. Right now I am in a $109 but for the blog's sake I am just assuming I am not gonna cash and I lost $109.

Hand Histories:

  • What's up with my tourney results?
  • From now on for the blog, I am going to save only interesting hand histories, mainly the ones I had problems with, and talk about them a little more.
  • I am going to see if PokerStars support can send me entire hand histories for a tournament or sit n go. That way I can look at every hand in that tourney and sift through my problem hands and do something about it.

Overall: +$285.29
I Need: $72,189.30
Total Earnings: $27,810.70


PotSmoker said...

I'm running horrible at cash games myself, I feel ya.

>I am going to see if PokerStars
>support can send me entire hand
>histories for a tournament or
> sit n go.

Stars saves the entire tournament/SNG HH to the drive. You can also request the HH by tourney ID.
Or are you talking about something else?

Michael said...

First off, Nice one getting jiggy with 5 6... haha. I called off a stack with it once to a dumber flop (4 5 6) and yes, 3-7 took my cash.

Tournaments you should focus on intelligent bluffing & value bets to gain the lead and then compound on it while protecting. You might be used to taking more risks in your preflop game, for instance, at a cash table. What do u think