Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 17 Pt. I

Cash Games: +$8,051.45
It's friday night at midnight, and I am about to go to sleep til I check the 5/10 tables and there are 13 packed tables. So I say what the hell, and play a session. There were a few drunk people and one player who has a lot of money playing SUPER aggresive, bluffing a lot, etc. Great for me because I'm sober and ready to play. I was getting good hands, hit a few sets and got lucky in one big pot! SWEET SESSION! I'm sure I'll get some good sleep now.

Hand Histories: (!!!!!! SOOOOO LUCKY)

  • That king on the river was so sick. I exploded.

Overall: +$8,051.45
I Need: $64,137.85
Total Earnings: $35,862.15

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