Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 2 Pt. I

Session 1:

Cash Games: -$596,07
I decided to 8 table the 5/10NL shorthanded games on PartyPoker. The results were horrendous. I found myself not able to fully concentrate on each hand, and I didn't have enough time to think or act. I was timing out a lot and losing pots because it would fold my hand. I believe there is a lot of money to be made at these tables, but its probably best to just play at most four at a time. PartyPoker also makes it hard to get the hand histories. I seriously hate this site so much, but it always has good action. I got stacked three times!

Tournaments: -$160.00
I played a $50+5 on pokerstars. Made it past the 1st hour, and lost a coinflip when I have 10BB's and pushed with 22. Also played a $100+5 Heads up match, where i got it all in on the 3rd level with 99 and lost to AA.

  • I should only play four 5/10NL shorthanded tables at a time on PartyPoker, because its too hard to focus with 8 tables running.
  • When playing heads up, I need to play more passive when I don't have position. Not necessarily preflop, but there is a lot of times where I will raise preflop with a hand like AQ and completely miss the flop, then make a continuation bet that gets called and have to check-fold the turn.
Overall: -$756.07
I Need: $98,976.14

Session 2:

Cash Games: +3,065.45
I played 2 tables of 10/20NL on PartyPoker. and 4 tables of 5/10NL on Stars. Overall at 10/20 I think I played pretty scared, and could have been up more if I raised for value or made value bets on some of the hands.

Tournaments: -$210.00
I played a 53 minute long heads up battle with some idiot. It ended up all in with my 66 vs. his A4 when we both had virtually the same amount of chips. He hit his three outter and that's that.

  • I should be more aggresive at 10/20NL on Party. 10/20 seems like a lot more than 5/10, and I was definately playing scared. I was always worried about getting stacked and losing $2,000 or more. But I need to just play solid/aggressive like I do at 5/10 and I will make more.
Hand Histories:

Overall: +2,855.45
I Need: $96,015.69

Session 3:

Cash Games: +$1,355.25
I played 6 tables of 5/10NL on Stars. Standard. (sfs)

Tournaments: +7,261.93

I made it to the final three of the $55 Rebuy on Stars and we did an even chop ($5,700 ea. and the rest for the winner.) I am currently in a $10 Rebuy on stars as well.

Two final tables today. I got 6th in the 35k rebuy on Stars.

  • I need to make more final tables.
Hand Histories:

Overall: +8,617.18
I Need: $87,398.51

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