Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 1 Pt. I

Session 1:

Cash Games: -
A short, 2-table session at 5/10NL and 2/4NL... No real big hands. It was about 9:00AM when I played and I haven't slept yet, so I didn't want to have a huge multi-table session while being tired.

Tournaments: +
As I was scrolling through the SitnGo section in the lobby, I saw a $500 NLHE Heads Up table waiting for one opponent. I saw my favorite opponent to play HU SitnGos against and had to play him again. Pretty standard match, I just played LAG on the button and Passive-Aggressive out of position.

  • The cash games were slow this session.
  • I believe I played good in the heads up match. I am not sure what kind of bankroll you need to play $1,000 heads up matches, but I have a great record against this opponent, I think its +EV to play him.
Hand Histories:

Overall: +$963.13
I need:

Session 2:

Cash Games: +$103.55
8-Tabling 2/4NL and 3/6NL. Seemed like a long session, ran into about 10 hands that were noteworthy (see below). I felt that I played good.

Tournaments: -$460.00
I'm tired. I decided to play the $50+5 and the $55 Rebuy. It's not good to play multi table tournaments when you are on zero hours of sleep.

  • I shouldn't play tournaments that will last over 4 hours if I can't stay awake for 1 hour.

Hand Histories:

Overall: -
I Need:

Session 3:

Cash Games: +$1,173.25
8-Tabling 5/10NL for about an hour and a half. Had one hand where I had KK at a 6max table and got it all in preflop and my opponent had aces :\. The next hand I get AA and type in remarks and fake tilt and just open push and get called by the guy who stacked me. He had AQo and my AA held, so we were even. I didn't really like this session, nothing too exciting, didn't get too many premium hands. I would rate my play this session about a 7/10.


  • I find myself played good poker for about 700 hands. Things take a slide for the worse when I lose a significant pot, or play more than 700 hands. Maybe I should incorporate 10 minute breaks into my sessions.

Hand Histories:

Overall: +
I Need:

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Alex Martin said...

hi, good luck with your goal. You mention you made roughly 1k in a $500 HU game against and opponent. Given that your initial stake was $500, you only "made" $500 profit. Or did you play 2 games?