Sunday, March 19, 2006

Day 4 Pt. I

Session 3:

Tournaments: -$118.30
Today was a big tournament day. I played the $215 on stars and party. I cashed in the Stars one and went out near the bubble on party on some BS. My KdKh Vs. my opponents' KQcc all in preflop. Flop came J92 all diamonds. Needless to say the turn was a black T and I missed my flush/straight on the river. Oh well... There is always next Sunday.

Overall: -$118.30
I Need: $80,005.40
Total Earnings: $19,994.60

Session 2:

Cash Games: +$2,367.25
A very nice session on Stars 5/10. They had about 10 tables running... A lotta action. I only had one bad beat, and played pretty solid, imo. I'm currently still in the $215's on party and stars, I will keep this updated.

Hand Histories:

Overall: +$2,367.25
I Need: $79,887.10
Total Earnings: $20,121.90

Session 1

Cash Games: -$2794.5
This was one of the worst sessions I have ever played. I played 3 tables for about an hour and was absolutely card dead. When I got hands, I was either losing money on continuation bets or just getting muscled out of the pot. I felt like I played less-than-average, and got bad cards which lead to a session from hell.

  • I'm going to stay away from the 10/20NL 6max tables.
Hand Histories:

Overall: -$2,794.5
I Need: $82,254.35
Total Earnings: $17,745.65

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Chris said...

Hey mate,

Dam that first hand in the list is crazy. I dont play NL, just limit(6max) mainly 2/4.

$150 on a bluff lol... dam nice.