Monday, March 20, 2006

Day 5 Pt. II

Cash Games: +$2,394.05
Regular 5/10NL game on stars. Sfs. I didn't save any hands this session, sorry to the readers who actually look at my hand histories. I will save an extra amount next time to make-up.

Tournaments: -$1,146.00
I played: $520 HU, $109 Rebuy, $22 Rebuy, and one of those new $50 90-man sit n gos. I almost cashed in the $109 rebuy, but made a dumbass move near the bubble.

  • Work on your tournament game, you lucksack.

Overall: +$1,248.05
I Need: $78,586.55
Total Earnings: $21,413.45

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