Sunday, April 02, 2006

Day 18 Pt. I

Cash Games: +$2,875.10
I played 5/10NL on stars today. Started off as a slow session, then picked up, then I ended it because I "got cute" with QQ and got raped on the turn (last hand in hand histories).

Tournaments: -$409.00
Played the $109 rebuy... Quit before the first break.

Hand Histories:

  • Don't get cute and never slowplay. I am usually good about this, but I did it today for some reason.

Overall: +$2,466.10
I Need: $62,840.75
Total Earnings: $37,159.25


squeek2004 said...

hey lee, just started reading your blog and have seen you plenty on Stars. I think weve only played at the same table a few times, seeing as i normally only play 2/4 and 3/6 and the occassional 5/10. Just wandering if you like to play 6 person tables or stick to full ring games. And also what kind of a set up do you have that allows you to play so many tables at one. Keep it up man

Lee Gaines said...

squeek... I prefer a full ring game, but if I am playing 6max I play a lot more loose-aggressive.

Before pokerstars discontinued the dell products in the VIP store, I bought two 21" monitors with 1600X1200 resolution... So I have two of those running. I also have a laptop with a great resolution that I use when I'm not home.

I'll probably take some pics of my setup if I ever clean my room.

Thanks for reading.