Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 17 Pt. III

Cash Games: -$1,422.00
5/10NL. I called on the river with ace high in a $1100 pot. That's how good I think I am.

Tournaments: -$526.00
I bubbled the $109 rebuy after being chip leader after the first break, who does that? Then in the $162 my kings got cracked by A9o, then I shoved shortstacked with AQ and ran into AK. I think I'm down like 3k in the $162 tournament... I never cash in it.

  • I play bad.
  • I was thinking about 'style of play'. Recently I have been doing a lot of research and asking tons of people for help with my tournament game. I made a post on P5's about this and GambleAB said something great:
    • " Practice.

      Anybody can show you how to play a certain style, but only through practice can you get a deeper understanding of the game that allows you to understand why certain moves are correct at certain times.

      I was talking to Darrel Dicken last month and he said that his brother would just watch him over his shoulder, and just by watching became a very good tournament player. The problem, though, was that he could never become a great player since he only knew "in this situation I do this and in that situation I do that", without understanding the reasoning behind the moves. So, when a situation came up that was slightly different, he would make mistakes since he either didn't recognize the variation, or just didn't know how to proceed.

      I'm a big proponent of finding someone around your skill level to be a poker-buddy, and talk on AIM about different tournaments and situations. Through discussion and practice, you'll be able to figure out a ton of things about tournament poker and develope some of your own high level strategies. It's one of those things where if you figure it out on your own, it sticks with you way more than if you memorize it out of a book."
    • I think what this means is that I need to play more, go over hands with people, but most importantly, I need to develope my own style, and play how I want to play.

Overall: -$1,984.00
I Need: $63,306.85
Total Earnings: $34,693.15

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