Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day 25 Pt. I

A couple days ago I made a large cashout from PokerStars to distribute my bankroll onto different sites. I did this because I have heard from a lot of people about the "soft games" and wanted to try them out. I redepositted onto PartyPoker even though I hate that site (and I still think its rigged).

The day was not-so-good. PartyPoker is full of the shittiest players, but for every 7 of them, there is a shark. I got set-over-setted today on party and almost went on tilt, but I decided to just quit. I might play some more tonight.

Cash Games
: -$1,785.65
Tournaments: -$215.00

Hand Histories:

Overall: -$2,000.65
I Need: $59,897.78
Total Earnings: $40,102.22

1 comment:

Brendan said...

Lee, keep up the good work. I enjoy the blog... My advice would be to stick to your strengths- cash games. It is important to be well rounded but if tournaments don't go as well for you, focus more on beating the cash games and moving up the ranks in those. Good luck