Monday, April 10, 2006

Day 26 Pt. I

Cash Games: -$1,889.49
Yay! Today I played on PS, PP, and FT. PS went good as usual until I overplayed my kings and lost a $4600 pot. FT went pretty bad... I was about even then I got into a big pot with ATo, flopped top pair and overplayed the shit out of it and got stacked by bottom set. PP went good somehow? (Miracle). I'm not sure where I stand about these sites yet. I haven't played on UB yet but I'll try it out tomorrow.

Tournaments: -$588.68

Hand Histories:

  • As far as this quest thing goes... I am absolutely positive I can easily get to my goal the fastest by playing the 5/10nl game on stars. That is by far my best game. I don't even know if I should continue playing on these other sites...
  • I am still on track... Tomorrow I am mainly just gonna play 5/10 on stars.

Overall: -$2,478.17
I Need: $62,375.95
Total Earnings: $37,624.05


mucdave said...

Hi Lee,

Just saw your Blog and seems you are doing quite well, especially at the $5/10 tables. Looks like your skills are paying off! At this rate it seems quite probable you'll achieve your goal.

Just had a couple of questions I was hoping you'd answer for me. First, what sort of bankroll did you start with? Second, do you have any interest in Omaha, and have you tried playing? I have played both NL Holdem and PL Omaha and I find Omaha a bit more interesting, but also more complicated and somewhat more bad beats. On the other hand, it is more common to see bigger pots in Omaha and to have more action, so I think the potential is perhaps there to have a better expectation than in NL Holdem, but I'm not really sure.

Your thoughts on this?


Lee Gaines said...

Hey Dave-

Thanks for the comment. I have an older brother who plays a lot of omaha and I really like playing it. But I know that I have sooo many leaks in that game. I would really like to learn more about it tho and eventually play more of it. I do think it has great potential, but the bad beats are a lot more common since the whole game is based on draws.