Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day 27 Pt. I

Cash Games: +$3,772.75
Played 5/10NL on Pokerstars and I tried about 5/10NL on UB. I played on UB for just about 20 minutes and I kinda like that site. I forgot to save a lot of hands, but look below for a few.

Tournaments: +$503.00
I got 14th in the $162 on stars tonight. I was VERY happy with my play and just got in an unlucky situation when I raised A3 7-handed and got called by AJ on the button. Flop was AJ3 and I lost all my chips...

Hand Histories:

Overall: +$4,275.75
I Need: $58,100.20
Total Earnings: $41,899.80


yessir said...

Keep her goin...I have been following your success...it is exciting...

Fatih said...

Sounds like your on track to achieve your goal and then some. I would be careful about playing on UB, their server is as crappy as it gets and it crashes alot. Anyhow, keep up the good work!