Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day 49

Cash Games: +$142.25
I played about 100 hands at 5/10NL, nothing big. Although today was the first day that PokerStars disabled the rebuy trick in cash games, so you will see a lot of smaller stacks at the table. I really don't mind too much.

Tournaments: +$2,954.69
Today I played pretty much all day because there were so many great tournaments on PokerStars. I actually had fun playing this time. The worst feeling of the day was in the $300+20, 28 people left (bubble), and I get KK all in preflop against AK and 99 for a 65k pot and chip leadership. Ace on the turn and I am knocked out on the bubble! That sucks. I had a nice finish in the $150+12, I got 6th place. Kind of dissapointing, but oh well. I don't have any regrets from that tournament.

-- 10+1r: +$67.48
-- 20+2: +$27.51
-- 5+.50r: -$25.50
-- 300+20: -$320.00
-- 30+3: -$33.00
-- 150+12: +$3,483.00
-- 50+5: -$55.00
-- 10+1r: -$31.00
-- 100+9: +$110.80
-- 50+5r: -$205.00
-- 100+9: +$15.20

Overall: +$3,096.94
I Need: $31,210.63
Total Earnings: $68,879.37


travis1286 said...

Hey Lee, nice playing yesterday on Stars. You were doing great up until that bubble in the $320 screwed you over. Oh well, it happens. Good luck on your quest!


mathguy said...

hey man, you played great in the 150, sucks we couldn't go 1 and 2 =]