Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 50

Half way through the challenge! Today was the most unreal day I have ever been through. I took the most beats today, but also played the best poker. I am very proud of the results today. I never really went on tilt, I just kept playing my A-game. I was running terribly, missing flops, cold-decked, etc. I feel like if I was running great I would have been up like $20,000. I save a bunch of hand histories, so check em out.

Cash Games
: +$1,372.11
I probably played 4k hands today at 5/10NL. Long, grueling session that resulted in a pretty good day, although it should have been a lot better, as you can probably tell from the hand histories.

Tournaments: -$195.00
$150+12 on stars - AK vs. AQ all in preflop. Dry board, Q on river.
$30+3 on stars - dealt garbage, got all in with QJ and 6BBs left on a flop of KQ2, lost to KJ.

Hand Histories: - Misclick.. oops, meant to bet $85.00

  • I'm proud of myself for the way I handled myself and played today.

Overall: +$1,177.11
I Need: $29,943.52
Total Earnings: $70,056.48


Fatih said...

Lord, these are some tough beats dude. Glad to hear you didn't go on tilt and so on. Keep Up the Good Work

Trey said...

Good playing Lee - I sat with you at 5/10 for a little while, you seemed to be solid. :)

GL on your goal.