Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 51

Cash Games: +$5,826.21
I had a long session today. I didn't go to sleep till about 3PM, so my sleeping schedule is all messed up. Today I played about an hour on UB and hand a great shorthanded session. The one thing I like about UB is that when you play HU cash games, the button is correct, unlike stars/party, and the action is very fast thanks to the BET POT button, which I use frequently. I also played on Party and Stars 5/10NL.

Tournaments: +$3,098.15
I played a $50+5 MTT on stars at about 10AM on zero hours of sleep and got 1st! I also cashed in a $100+9, but didn't cash in the 33rebuy or the 22.

Overall: +$8,924.36
I Need: $21,019.16
Total Earnings: $78,980.84


ScuzIbut077 said...

Sick day lee, keep up the good work. Nice takedown on the 50+5


Dagg111 said...

Looks like your tournament game is really starting to come around, Lee. Congrats.

Spadees said...

Keep up the good work. Nice win in the 50+5. I am just starting a blog and I am setting a goal, check out my blog in the future, goodluck.