Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 72

I have never lost this much money in a day. I have about 2343243 bad beat stories! Who wants to hear them?? Nobody. Everyone has bad beats and gets cold-decked so I won't go into detail. I am not sure how I feel, I am obviously shocked, but instead of just blaming it on the beats/cold deck, I need to look at what I could/should have done to prevent this. The first thing that comes up in my mind is that I was playing about 12-14 tables at a time, six of them being 6-max. This might have made me do some things without really thinking about it. I was playing six 6-max tables on UB, which are VERY fast games, I was able to keep up, but I am not sure if I played my best. I want to say I played my best, but I can't.

Yesterday I did cashouts on all the sites I play on, leaving 20k on each site (enough for 5/10nl). I know there is a rumor about running bad right after you cash out, and it sure as hell seems true. I lost half my bankroll on UB in two days, lost a lot on stars, some on paradise and the only site I am positive on is PartyPoker, and I hate that site. This rumor obviously has nothing to do with how you run (.... Or does it?) but I don't know what else to blame it on, lol.

When you lose this much money in a day it really ruins your confidence and makes you think about things you don't normally think about. After taking my 4th set-over-set I slammed my laptop, turned off my monitors and just sat there. Thoughts of getting back in the game and trying to win it all back in 30 minutes came in my head, but that would be stupid, there is no way I could win with that mind set.

I have some mixed feelings right now, I am not sure if I should play, or take a break, or what. I don't think I need a break, and my friend made a good point about how you find out a lot about how you play when you are stuck. And learning how to play when you are stuck or running bad is so important, and I agree. As of right now, I am trying to look at the other side, and see how lucky I am do have as much success as I've had, and I am still on track for my goal, but I will not give up on. This is just a speed bump on the road of poker success.

\\ PokerStars:
$5/$10NL: +$503.00
$150+12: -$162.00

\\ UltimateBet:
$5/$10NL: -$8,650.05

\\ PartyPoker:
$5/$10NL: +$668.00

Overall: -$7,641.05
I Need: $27,052.91
Total Earnings: $72,947.09


TacoBellGod said...

Hang Tuff Lee, your nearly there.

Xavier said...
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Xavier said...

I cannot sympothize with the quantity of money lost, but I can sympothize with the amount of buy-ins lost, and I feel ya bro.

you do learn a lot from downswings though, they have a weird inherant +EV to them IMO. maybe one of the things to look at is 9 tabling instead of 14 tabling?

The other thing that has always seemed to amaze me is just how fast you lose buy-ins, compared to how slow you make them. I think there is a lesson in there to be looked at. If it takes you 4k hands to make a buy-in, but 500 hands to lose one, then there might be a whole in there for sure.

meh, just a bump bro, you still got this.

Wicked Lou said...

What's up Lee. I have been watching your progress since probably day 10 or so. Needless to say it has been quite impressive. I am a poker player myself but I don't have the time, skill, or bankroll that you do. The only comment I have is on playing so many tables at once. As much as poker is a game of probability and statistics, it's also a game of feel and observation. Even playing 10 tables at 9 seats per table.. How well can you really observe and keep track of how 90 different people are playing?
After such a bad day, maybe you could take a break and play one or two tables at a time and really focus on the other players.

ngl said...


I had consistently made money, playing with conservative BR management for 5 months, then lost 25% of my BR in about 90 minutes (about 2 Gs).

It makes you feel like you can't play poker, like you're no longer good. But suffice to say, I backed off, dropped the "catch up" feeling, and got back to work, and recouped my losses in about 2 weeks.

You'll do the same compadre - you've got a smart mellon and talent out the wazoo. Don't press, simplify, and get back to playing relaxed and clear-thinking poker.

You da mufukin man. :-)


Trey said...

Hang tough Lee - I've been watching since the beginning, just keep playing your game, you'll get the losses back in no time.

nechitacc said...

what up man its nechitacc. i have been watching your blog here and there for a while now and i really like it. i wasnt planning on posting anything but ur past few posts sounds a lot like what i have been going through the past few weeks. A bad run will definately getting you thinking all kinds of negative things. You just have to take the punches sometimes and ride out the storm of losing to 2 outers. You are a good player and im sure u will bounce back. gl and keep ur head up

Dub said...

umm, this isn't supposed to happen...bill ivey is supposed to be the anti-dub. i didn't think you would ever run bad :/
sorry to hear it man, i'd like to say it will turn around soon...though for me it hasn't, i'm sure it will soon for you ;)

D_Zoo said...

Hey Lee,
I have lost 35k the last 10 days and it shows no sign of stopping.I cant win anything and am so lost. I will read ur blog everyday and hope u can help me as u help urself lol. it is the hardest thing in the world to handle mentally and i ended up caving and cashing everything out, i hope u are stronger then me =) GL SIR

Yutani said...

Hi Bill.

Up's and down's are inevitable. Yet in 72 days you've made 72k, right on schedule, that proves more than any one day's loss.