Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 73

Here we go again.... It started off with me playing 2/4nl on UB trying to gain back some confidence, I did really well. I just went back to basics and played ABC and the results were pretty good for 2/4. Then I took a break and hopped on the 5/10nl game on stars, thats when shit started to happen. I got set-over-setted literally four times and got stacked all 4 times. I hope things start to turn around soon because this is just sick. Tomorrow I might mix it up a little and play some tournaments and sit n go's and take it easy on the cash games since I am running god awful. Last night after the 5/10 massacre, I just logged off, went to a party to get shit off my mind, we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Results: +$455.33 (unreal... should be so much more, but oh well, I will take anything I can get.)
\\ PokerStars:
$150+12: -$162.00
$5/$10NL: -$2263.00
\\ UltimateBet:
$2/$4NL: +$1,451.50
\\ PartyPoker:
$5/$10NL: +$1,428.83

I Need: $26,597.58
Total Earnings: $73,402.42


Dagg111 said...

Perhaps try playing just Party for a while?

Patrick Mitchell said...

4 sets over sets and your still up, ur pro