Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 74

I played alllll day today. After having some fun last night and getting poker off my mind, it felt like a fresh start. The results were great and I am happy with how I played. Pokerstars was a rollercoaster day, I was down a few buyins at 5/10 for a little then started to loosen up and got in some nice situations so win big pots. On Party I just grinded at 5/10 full ring playing pretty much ABC. I feel very confident in that game and I will probably be playing it more often. I just played one table of 5/10 on UB. It was a 6max table and I only played for about 45 minutes before I signed off.

Right now I am extremely tired/happy because I am right back on track to make my goal... Just taking it one day at a time.

Results: +$9,739.35
\\ PokerStars:
$300+20: -$320.00
$5/$10NL: +$2,759.89
\\ UltimateBet:
$5/$10NL: +$1,612.50
\\ PartyPoker:
$300+20: +$276.70
$5/$10NL: +$5,410.26

I Need: $16,858.23
Total Earnings: $83,141.77


Ellis said...


Patrick Mitchell said...

Congrats on the good day. Keep this attitude up. Poker is a game with swings. Everyone goes through them, but if you can maintain your positive attitude even during the worst you'll PWN the table.

TacoBellGod said...

DAMN, way to go! Nearly 30 days left and only 17k left.Keep on going!

ngl said...

That's what the F I'm talkin' bout Lee. u bad ass.