Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 75

Today I played the big stars tournament and the second chance, a few HU SNGs, and cash games. I had terrible results in the tournaments and HU matches, and the cash games were not too good. I ended the party session early because I just wasn't feelin it. I was card dead and got stacked early when my nut flush lost on the river when he filled up. Kinda dissapointing day for me. On stars, I played a VERY loose-aggressive style, and it started off -3k, then up 4k. I made some notes on what it takes to play loose-aggressive, and I am going to work on that style, becuase it can be very profitable if you are smart with it. I really just want to get the 100k goal over with, because I have a lot more things I want to try. Ahhhhh, its getting frustrating.

Results: +$266.45
\\ PokerStars:
$500+30: -$530.00
$200+15: -$215.00
$1000+30: -$1030.00
$500+20: +$480.00
$500+20: -$520.00
$100+5: +$95.00
$5/$10NL: +$4,029.45
\\ PartyPoker:
$5/$10NL: -$2,043.00

I Need: $16,591.78
Total Earnings: $83,408.22

1 comment:

Jordan said...

You'll get it homie. My level... I was playing a .50/1 table on PP... Those tables are extremely loose it seems. I was up to about 180 dollars grinding out the table for about 2 hours. and then I got out setted twice with 66 and 99... against a 10 10 and QQ. Sucked... I am taking this first $1000 dollars of losses as a learning experience. I am sure once I master losing. I will be a great winner.