Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 76

The day started with a little PartyPoker 8-tabling session that lasted about 1.5 hours, pretty standard. Then I took a little break and moved to pokerstars where I played loose-aggressive again. Once again it started by losing 3k, then ending up in the green zone. I ran pretty well on both of those sites. Just now I got done playing two UB tables. It started off by me getting stacked with TPTK to a set, then I got mad and closed UB, the reopened it 5 seconds later and got on more tables. I hit a few hands and built a stack up to 3k at one table. Then lost a 4k pot with AKhh on a AJ3 two heart flop (4 handed). I insta-closed UB and decided to call it a night.

I added some hands from the past week or so... They are just random...


Just a standard semi-bluff. I was playing very loose-aggressive and I was positive he had a big hand by his weak bet on the flop, but I still had a lot of chips that I could use to push him off anything but JJ or TT.

This is the advantage of having a 'weird' table image, sometimes people don't believe you and you can punish them.


A similar hand to the first one. Another semi-bluff that worked out.


One of the many fucked up situations I have had in the past few days. Fold flop? Dunno...

Looking at this now, I think I coulda got away from it. I know a lot of people who see this say they could have got away from it, but when you are actually in the hand its a lot different. Sometimes you just say "if he has a higher set, I am gonna pay him off", which is bad :-
I kinda got a little cute on the turn, maybe he would folded to a bigger check-raise. Also, a nice little slowroll on the river, lol. I guess he put me on JJ or KQ, because he took a lot of time to call!


That's enough for now...

Results: +$7,080.01
\\ PokerStars:
$20+2: -$22.00
$22 Rebuy: -$44.00
$5/$10NL: +$4467.80
$100+9: -$109.00
\\ UltimateBet:
$5/$10NL: $1009.15
\\ PartyPoker:
$5/$10NL: +$1,778.06

I Need: $9,511.77
Total Earnings: $90,488.23

1 comment:

Jordan said...

Almost there G,
Gut it out a few more days... Make sure you post which specific hand puts you over the 100k mark... If I am on when it happens let me know and I'll drink to it.