Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 77: It's Over!!

Wow, what a day. I ran sooooo good day, and things just went my way. I am so glad that this challenge is over, so I can move on to more things. I just want to thank everyone for the comments and the support throughout the blog, I really appreciated it, even if I didn't respond to the comments. If you have any questions you can always send me an email at

Thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!!!

Results: +$10,666.91
\\ PokerStars:
$150+12: -$162.00
$112+9: +$114.20
$5/$10NL: +$6,259.35
$100+9: -$109.00
\\ PartyPoker:
$5/$10NL: +$3,405.36
\\ UltimateBet:
$5/$10NL: +$1,159.75

NH, Yellowsub ;) -- what are the odds?? --

I Need: NADA
Total Earnings: $101,155.14


TacoBellGod said...

well done, whats your next goal Lee?? 500k? mil? GL

Taylor Douglas said...
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Taylor Douglas said...

nice job lee

-tdomeski and co.

Wicked Lou said...

WOW. Nice work.

Patrick Mitchell said...

The odds of him hitting the running fours was 1/1000

JewceyJ said...

gw sir

Tails said...

You wouldn't happen to be "Hero" on FullTilt would you?