Sunday, May 21, 2006

Turning Stone 1k Update

So yesterday I played 14 hours of live poker in the $1,000 event at Turning Stone. I felt like I played super good and I was really focused. I learned a lot in that experience and was very proud of myself for making it that far. There were about 250 entrants and we played all day until 25 people were left. I made it in the money, and then came back today at noon to play the rest of it out. I started the day with about 17k and the average chip stack was about 30k. I got down to about 10k then found AQ and doubled up, picked up some chips here and there, then found KK and doubled up, so at one point I had about 50k in chips.

Unfortunately I busted out of the 1k event in 13th (I think).

I had about 50k at the start of the hand, 6 handed, blinds are at 800/1600. Folded to chip leader in BB who makes it 4500, I have 98hh, sb folds, I call. Flop is AT3 two hearts. I check, he checks. Turn is a 7, I check, he bets 10k, I call. River is a J. I bet out 10k and he goes all in. I call about 20k more and he has KQ.

Sick hand, but I coulda played it better. Its so dissapointing tho.

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