Saturday, May 20, 2006

TS Update

4:00 AM: Just got done losing about a buy-in at the $5/$5nl game.

This trip made me realize that my live poker game and overall poker skill is sub-par. I underestimated how important discipline is in poker. For example, when I was playing 5/5nl, I got dealt about 9 rag hands in a row that are easy folds. Then I get dealt ATdd on the button, the UTG tight player raises 5x UTG and I call. This is really bad. I only called because it looked like such a good hand at the time, but its basically shit 90% of the time against and UTG tight raiser.

I didn't play the $500 tourney today because I wasn't at all confident after losing the $1k freezout to Ansky, so that was probably smart. Tomorrow is the $1k MTT and I am still considering whether or not I will play. Right now it looks like I will because I don't get the opportunity to play in a big live event that much, and this one of the main reasons I came to Turning Stone in the first place.

Blah, I will just go with the flow and see how things go.

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