Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day 3

Cash Games: -$2,142.82
I played for about 40 minutes on partypoker 5/10NL. One cooler, one set over set and one two outter. A quick, bad session.

Tournaments: -$320.00
I played the $300 on stars, thats all.

I didn't really feel like playing today, I didn't get much sleep and I had to go to a meeting in the afternoon, then I saw a movie with some friends at night, I also picked up a used Super Nintendo and got Super Mario World, Zelda and Battletoads (props if you used to play battletoads, its a great game) so I was pretty busy with that. It was kind of a break day, I will probably get back to hardcore sessions tomorrow.

Daily Total: -$2,462.82
Goal Total: $6,917.61
I Still Need: $193,082.39


Topher Hall said...

SNES is only the best console of all time

Nothing beats Rock and Roll Racing

Except maybe Uniracers. Or Killer Instinct.

...or Chrono Trigger.

Or Battletoads.

Patrick Mitchell said...

Nah nah Donkey Kong and Clay Fighters rock

Lee Gaines said...

Wow... I forgot about rock n roll racing... Its time to hit up eBay. I played that game so much when I was younger. I dont know about uniracers, but killer instinct was pretty sick. I never played Chrono Tiger.

I think Ill get donkey kong and clay fighters too, both good games, plus they only cost about $3, lol

Jordan said...

What happened to that MTT Goal?