Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day 2

Cash Games: +$5,915.13
I played some 5/10NL and 10/20NL on stars, then moved over to UB for about 30 minutes and played 3 tables of 5/10NL 6max and a 10/25NL 6max table. I ended up getting stacked at 10/25 on my 5th hand with AA, so I just quit. I was playing that game while I was playing a $22 MTT on stars and talking to some people online, and I had some company over so I wasn't able to focus at all, so that was a big mistake. I think I played some of my best poker in the 10/20nl game on stars. I will probably keep playing that as long as I am comfortable there.

Tournaments: -$213.88
Played the $162, $109 and $22 on stars. Poor results as usual. I cashed in the $22 for a small profit, and busted out early in the other two. There were 3 tables left in the $22 and I raised from the CO with A7o. SB re-popped me about 3.5x and I say "I know that this guy is making a move on me" and repush, lol. He had QQ and I busted. Also wasn't concentrating fully, and being stubborn, so stupid...

I will continue playing the 10/20nl game on stars and probably the 10/25nl game on UB. Its a jump from the regular 5/10 games, but I have to do that to make my new goal, and I think its a good time to move up.

Hand Histories:
  • http://www.pokerhand.org/?364162
    • Interesting spot. On a draw-heavy board, I really wanted to three-bet this, but wussed out. I lost my hand on the turn and river and just shut down. I think its best to three bet here and get a clear view of where you are in the hand.
  • http://www.pokerhand.org/?364230
    • 10/20 hand vs. strassa, I was so sure I had the best hand here, and I was pretty sure he was pushing with AK. I insta-called and just got unlucky. Maybe I could have smooth called the flop and raised the turn.

Daily Total: $5,701.25
Goal Total: $9,380.43
I Still Need: $190,619.57

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