Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 7

Cash Games: +$6,911.35
Started off down $3k from 5/10NL. I played in the morning before the big tournaments, after a wild night last night, I wasn't sure if I was playing my best poker. I made a couple big moves on semi-bluffs and got stacked both times. The rest of the money just leaked away. I started another session after I got knocked out of my tournaments, 10/20 and 5/10 on stars. I ran good, hit some sets, hit some draws, etc. It ended up being a great, long session.

Tournaments: -$1,001.32
Today was Sunday so I played 6 tournaments, no real luck though. I believe I played good, and I definately got my money in with the best every tournament except one. Just a bad, bad tournament day for me.

I am running and playing really good in the 10/20nl game on stars. I think I am beginning to feel comfortable there. I don't wanna see what its going to be like when I run bad, but its bound to happen sooner or later.

Hand Histories:
    • Here is a well played hand by ZappyB. His range here is very big, and there is a good chance I could have him beat. I felt like he was bluffing here for some reason, but he played it good. touche
    • Basically just mixing it up preflop, raising with a weird hand from early position and flopping what I consider the nuts. I bet out, willing to put my whole stack in on the flop. It also looks like I could have a big ace since I raised from EP. When I got raised on the flop, I figure I am up against AK at worst, most likely a set. I have great folding equity if I push, plus I have lots of outs, plus I am way ahead of some hands in his range, so I think a push is +EV (lol, I am not sure about this, but it sounds smart). I obviously hit and crack bottom set... ship it.

Daily Total: $5,910.03
Goal Total: $10,260.46
I Still Need: $189,739.54


Bluffing the Nuts said...

I am not wanting to hate here, but is your total accurate? You said you lost a bit at 10/25NL and almost quit. Just curious if you only lost the $6k or it was more and you didn't want to post it. Either way, I watched you the first time, I will watch again. Good luck.

PoorUser said...

75s lee. i like your style