Monday, June 12, 2006

Day 8

Cash Games: -$211.85
Today I played 5/10 and 10/20 on stars and one table of 5/10 on UB. I got stacked twice at 10/20 for $4k+ pots each time by the same person. One of the hands was unlucky, but the other was my fault for making a stupid call trying to get revenge, or prove something. It was a dissapointing day to say the least.

Tournaments: -$811.00
I played the $109r and $22r on stars this afternoon and I didn't cash in either. I had a huge stack in the first hour of the 22r, but started raising with marginal hands during the later stages. I think I played good but I got a little bit out of control, then to top it off I got coolered for an 80k pot. The 109r just didn't go my way, lost all races, didn't hit flops, etc. But my friend beck_aa finished in 4th so thats cool.

Getting stacked at 10/20 sucks, my reaction to getting stacked was closing all my tables all at once and not playing. I got really mad and just took a breather, which was probably a good thing. I read some article by Taylor Caby that said that somone he knows hangs s sign over their computer that says something like 'Are you playing your best poker?' and if they answer that question with a no, then they don't play. I think something like this would help my stay cool when I am playing.

Also, as far as tournaments, if I want to win one, I either have to be extremely lucky throughout the whole tournament, or work on being a more patient player. I keep underestimating how important patience is. Beck_aa is a very patient player, from what I have noticed and he only makes moves when he has to. I make way too many moves and thats probably why I am not as consistent as he is.

Hand Histories:

Daily Total: $1,022.85
Goal Total: $9,237.61
I Still Need: $190,762.39

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