Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 9

Cash Games: +$2,600.11
I played 5/10 on stars, UB and party. I probably played almost 3k hands at stars and was up only $550. I started the day off there and was down 3k in about 20 minutes. I quit for a little and then went back at it in the evening when the tables were packed. I lost another 3k, the proceeded to tilt and steamroll my way back up. I was playing fast and loose.

Tournaments: -$346.00
Played the $162 on stars and party, and a $22 on party, all during the time when I was steamrolling at 5/10 on stars and on major tilt. I got in with the best in both tournaments on stars and lost, then just gave up on party and lost. I didn't really focus... One day I will focus and win a tournament... One day.

Just another daily grind. I am too lazy to post hands.

Daily Total: $2,254.11
Goal Total: $11,491.72
I Still Need: $188,508.28


muzras said...
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muzras said...

That's awesome. I wish I could win when I go on tilty.

Bill-Ivey rocks, hang in there man u play gooooooot, I've seen some sick laydowns u made in ur HH posts.

TheCzar19 said...

I'm missin the hand histories lee

dailydeposit said...

bill ivy...u rok
could u put some video up so we could watch some of ur play...maybe with ur comentary and thoughts of ur play..

im a big fan


Topher Hall said...

A big fan lol.

You've got fans, Bill =]

Jamesb8701 said...

Hey Bill, keep it up man. We are all rooting for you. Hey got a hand on my blog that I would like some feedback on. It is 100x smaller than what you are playin but you still play it the same right?

Lee Gaines said...

Thanks guys for the comments.

I just got some software that will let me take videos of me playing online, so I might set that up later. And I will try to post more hand histories, but at the same time I dont want to give up too much information.

James- I checked your blog out and its looking good... keep it up.