Friday, June 16, 2006

Short Break

I will be taking a break from the blog, and poker for a few days. I haven't played in the last couple days, but I will be back on Monday to resume my goal and this blog.



Jordan said...

Hey Lee,
How are things going. Haven't heard what's up lately. My thoughts on your 200k in 100 days goal is that if accomplished it would be yet again an incredible feat. But it will be another roller coaster 100 days. Seemingly swice as much your last 77 was. Do you think you really need to set a goal as high as 200k in 100 days. You said you wanted to do something with MTT's. Why not try that. Not neccesarilly some huge goal just perhaps something like Final Table a certain number of MTT's. or something like that. I know you are capable of completing your 200k in 100 days goal. But how long were you regularaly playing 10/20 before you started all that. Setting these goals like you do is a great way to maintain focus and stay on a succesfull track. And 200k in 100 days though achievable is a very difficult and very stressful goal. I think if you continue with it it would not be a bad idea. And I think you will gain the experience of handling variance and ups and downs at higher levels. I cannot speak for you you are the one playing and making the decisions and you always stay cool in tough situations. And make good decisions. You will still make alot of money I am sure on this goal even if the 200k in 100 days goal isn't reached. a break might be just what you need to clear your head. analyze specifics. and come back with the mentality that you need to get through a large goal like this. Whether you choose to continue it or postpone it until you feel you are ready for it. Just give me a shout and let me know how things are with you Lee. Keep your game strong.

beck_aa said...