Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The past week or so I have been trying to make a lot of fund transfers to my new accounts with rakeback. I had to deal with support from partypoker, ub, full tilt, stars and paradise. I would rank the support for those sites in this order: Stars, Party, Full Tilt, Paradise, then last and least, UB. UltimateBet took forever and they had to "investigate" my account for unknown reasons before they would let me have my money. So as it stands right now I cashed out of every site except pokerstars. I am going to play strictly on that site until I feel comfortable making a deposit into a different site. Right now I am waiting for all my funds to get through neteller and into pokerstars, which will probably take a few more days, then I will set a new goal or resume the 200/100 goal.

For now,


Patrick Mitchell said...

How do you setup new accounts with Rakeback may I ask? Do you have to go to completely new sites or do you just create new ones on the same sites? I really want to get some rakeback going but unfortunetly I have had these accounts before I knew of Rake Back.

muzras said...

wow thats lot of work.

I imagine how much more money u would have if u had rakeback from before =).

Party is a bunch of biotches. How did u get rake back on party? I would like to get an account with rakeback too on there. Did u have to close ur original account and start a new one? They give u a lot of sht when to try to stuff like this. Howd u do it? Let me know please cuz i want to get rakeback on party.