Thursday, June 29, 2006

Update: In Las Vegas

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while, I have been busy with some things, and I have been in Las Vegas for about 4 days with some friends that are playing the WSOP events. I drove up from Cottonwood AZ with bIlIaRdS, and came to the house that we are staying at for the summer. Its a real nice house in Henderson Nevada and there are some great poker-playing roomates. LURPED, pbdrunks, check_kills, H@LLINGGOL, bet2win, SamENole, biliards and I are all in the house. Its awesome to see everyone on their laptops playin online... There is another house a few minutes away with ahh_snap, reddogg, dbelhume, bel0wab0ve and more players who came over and played too. I have met a lot of players I have played with and learned a lot from them. Tonight I played the $150 on stars and got some help from PearlJammer and learned a lotta new stuff I didn't even consider.

This whole trip should be great experience. I have been playing online when I get the chance, and I even got to play live today at the Rio. Even though I am 18, they don't card anyone, so I haven't had any problems yet, besides getting set over setted in a $5k pot :)

I get kinda star-struck watching all the pro's I see on TV play literally right next to me, its very cool. Its also great to put a face on the online players I play with everyday, and learn things from them.

About the $200k challenge.... As you know I was about 10 days into it, running bad, and it kinda faded away. Since then I made cashouts and just gave up on the challenge and kinda messed around at lower limits. I am playing 5/10 still for now while I am in vegas, but I am not doing any kind of challenge. When I get to my new house in Tucson on August 5th, I will begin another challenge, probably $150k in a 100 days or something like that. For now I won't be updating my blog everyday with the goal.

There's a quick update for you, I will post if I can if anything cool happens down here in vegas!



Jordan said...

I was curious where you've been man. Sounds cool in Vegas. If you guys need a 16 year old mediocre poker playing roomate let me know. I'd love to meet H@LLINGOL. I love how he plays. I'd like to learn a few things from him...

Jordan said...

One other thing Lee,
How about some pictures of the house your at and you and the other guys???

TheBradleyFactor said...

Hey Lee, its bfactor. Sorry that this is my first comment so far, but this is the first day I had a blog account on here. I wanted to talk to you about your challenge. I think you should pick something a bit more creative/enjoyable for your next goal. Maybe something like "catch-up" where you are required to keep switching back and forth between cash games and tourneys for alternating periods of time, and play catchup on each poker category to try to outdo the other category. I haven't come up with a great setup for this challenge, but its just an example. I'm sure there are a lot of other fun ways of doing a challenge that would be a little less monotanous for you than a 200k in 100 days challenge, which is both very difficult, and probably extremely tiresome at times. Anyway, yea also maybe using a system where you are forced to alternate between cash game and tourneys might keep you happier since it keeps things fresh since you aren't allowed to play too much of only one or the other for too long. I dunno though, I'm not even any good at poker lol, so I really don't know how things work for people like you, so obviously you should just do what you are most comfortable with, but I just wanted to throw out a random thought/idea in case you were pondering over various challenge idea if you are going to do any challenges in the future. Alright well, have fun in your new house, it sounds like it should be a blast.

-James (bfactor)

Swede said...

Hey Lee, completely unrelated comment but I couldn't find your address anywhere. What is your email addy for link exchange? Mine's if you don't want to post it.

Yutani said...

Same question as swede. I would like to exchange links.
Good luck in Sin City, hope the internet games will get juicier for us Europeans with the WSOP keeping the American pros busy :)

Jordan said...

Caught you at the 10/20 tables today lee. Looking solid.