Thursday, July 06, 2006

Update From Vegas

I am still in Vegas hangin out, having some fun. Last night for 4th of July I took a nice ride to the strip in lurped's convertible while fireworks were going off, it was great. Then we went to the Rio and I played some live 5/10NL. There is no cap on these games so everyone is sitting with $3k+ and I didn't bring enough cash with me to do some damage so I sat with $500 and lost it all. I find myself bored because the game is soooooo slow and the dealers make it worse. They dont have automatic shufflers so it takes twice as long. Then when you don't get dealt anything, you see AJo and think its a premium hand and make dumb moves. I am going to have to make a trip to the bank and get enough cash so I can sit with like 4-5k and actually focus on winning. I have had three live sessions and have lost money in all of them. It hurts so much more when you lose live than online, because online you can just add more chips, but live you have to get out of your seat and walk away from the table like a loser when you go bust.

Its an amazing sight at the Rio. The whole ballroom is just covered with tables, thousands of people watching and playing poker. You can hear chips shuffling 24/7 and you will see every pro in the card room. I was a little star struck when I saw Ivey playing in the $3k limit event.

I have been playing online quite a bit and making another run at 10/20nl on stars and I have been running good :) It kinda feels great to be running good and playing the best poker of your life at the same time! I also found out that I had $3k on party still so I put it on a 10/20 6max table and ran it up to $8k and then this happened: The biggest pot of my life!!! I can't believe the guy is playing that big of a pot with one pair.... unreal. I guess that's partypoker.



KrazyBangs said...

Hey, If a guy wants to donate his stack on TPTK can you complain?

Good luck in Vegas... looking forward to good news.

Will Palango said...

nice pot.

mike's blog said...

Hey Lee,

Could you give us a brief explanation on the hands you post? Why you made the decisions you made. 1 sentence would answer a lot of questions. Just want to know what top players think. Keep up the good work man.