Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 4: Aug 25th

Today was awful. I am running bad and making some bad reads. I started off good playing 10/20 shorthanded for a couple hours during the day. Some friends came over and I went out for a bit, then came back and played another session. I played Rekrul heads up on three tables and he took me for a couple buyins. He was running insanely good and I was running terrible. I decided just to cut my losses and stop playing. I am very frustrated, this is not a good start off to my new goal and I am running bad. I guess we will try this again tomorrow...

Today: -$1,103.10
Total: $1,791.69
I Need: $201,791.69


muzras said...

keep yo head up kid. =)

u gotz a long way to go.

you'll fade these swings, I remember u losing 10k somedays, then coming back and win another 10k. Just comes with the territory. I have major tilty issues, seem like u handle them better then me. Don't be afraid to step down if your bankroll gets thin. I bet if u played 5/10 NL only you'd make the goal anyway. U seem to PWN that game effortlessly multitabling. Even if u come up short and make 100k, 25k, 75k, 150k, or whatever just play your A game. I admire the fact u can close all the tables down if u think you u are gonna play bad. I'm trying to learn to do that, me TILTY MONSTER inside won't let me. =D

muzras said...

bdubs chopped up the stars $10 rebuy, came in 1st, share some of the poker mojo u guys, got too much pwnage powers in that house.

ZONA CREW 4 life!

woot woot!

Gaines Lee's Money said...
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